Welcome to the online home of Florida mystery and thriller author David A. Ryan. This website chronicles a journey for Ryan, one that was supposed to be a nice, smooth ride to book signings and best-seller lists but in fact is a slog through today’s mysterious and oft-confusing world of publishing.

In other words, he’s riding a road that many others traveled before and travel now.

The hope is one day is you’ll find links to stand-alone books and series of books from Ryan.

For now, this site provides a few details about his self-discovery as a novelist, which as it turns out is much different from the life of a longtime journalist, his former occupation.

For example, real deadlines don’t exist until you have a contest entry due or a book contract signed. Book contracts don’t happen until authors have agents. And agents can be a tough sell.

Questions abound.

Does today’s novelist need an agent, especially if he’s going to self-publish?

Speaking of which, what is the right route for a budding author? Traditional publishing? Indie publishing? Print on demand? E-book only? Amazon or something else?

These are some of the decisions many authors have to make these days.

Before then, Ryan has a manuscript to finish – and another to start. He hopes you’ll have a chance to buy Dead Odds soon. In the meantime, read a blog post. Leave a comment. Suggest a plot line. Better yet, buy a book.