Florida-based author David A. Ryan is a newcomer to the world of writing mysteries and thrillers.

The author’s name is a pseudonym for an award-winning experienced journalist. It was conceived in the mid-2000s after his first novel, Dead Odds, began to take shape and the author realized, “This has a chance.”

Why David A. Ryan? Because it’s easy to pronounce and remember.

Journalism Career

Prior to toiling as a would-be mystery and thriller author, Ryan’s bio was filled with books and newspapers. He first enjoyed reading mysteries as a kid, and that love never left. The same is true of newspapers.

He started working in a sports department when he went to college and didn’t leave for three decades. He enjoyed a delightful and successful run as a sports writer, sports editor, news editor and digital editor.

His daily newspaper career lasted nearly 30 years. He covered virtually every sport except the X-Games, and he was part of a news-gathering team that won awards for coverage of the Casey Anthony murder investigation and subsequent trial and for the death of a whale trainer at SeaWorld.

The Business of Novels

Despite his transition from from journalism to digital marketing, the desire to create never left him.

He started Dead Odds before he left the newspaper business, and he did so with virtually no formal education or knowledge about writing novels. Later came workshops on three- or five-act story structures, the need for dead bodies to appear in the first chapter and the preferred word count for today’s publishers.

Nevertheless, he embarked on the book’s creation, only learning after he finished his first draft that it was considerably too long and also in dire need of revision.

Not long thereafter, he left the newspaper business to pursue a second career in digital marketing and to take more time to learn the craft of mass-market fiction. The journey now includes discovering the various paths that make up modern book publishing.

He is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, the International Thriller Writers, the Florida Writers Association and Sisters in Crime.

He lives in Orlando with his wife and miniature schnauzer.